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Flat roof repair service Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire Roofline provide a local, professional, flat roof repair service covering Aberdeen City and the wider Aberdeenshire area.

We offer a free no obligation, personalised survey and quote and can provide local references and installations for you to view.

The problem with Felt covered Flat Roofs

Flat roof repair can be a costly and time consuming business, with Felt requiring constant patching and maintaining to remain waterproof.

  • Does your Flat roof leak?
  • Is your Flat Roof poorly insulated and cold?
  • Is your Flat roof covered in moss?
  • Does your Flat Roof Look terrible?
  • Are you tired of constant Flat Roof maintenance and costly repairs?

Flat Roof Repair Aberdeenshire

Flat Roof Before

Flat Roof covered with EPDM

Flat Roof covered with EPDM

The solution, re-cover your Flat Roof with Firestone EPDM Rubber.

With our professional Flat Roof repair service, you can forget about traditional Felt covered Flat roofs and thus say goodbye to maintenance problems, with a durable and good looking EPDM rubber Roof.
As highly experienced rubber flat roofing installers, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the highest quality installation.
All of our EPDM flat roofs carry a 20 year manufacturer guarantee and a life expectancy of 50+ years, so that you no longer need to worry about expensive and time consuming maintenance.

The Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing System from Aberdeenshire Roofline, is the perfect, durable solution for residential flat roofs such as: extensions, verandas, dormers, porches, garages, carports and garden sheds and is perfect for withstanding the Aberdeenshire weather.

50 years expected lifespan.
The first EPDM Rubber roofs were laid in the US by Firestone in the 1980’s and are still protecting these roofs today.
EPDM offers unmatched resistance to UV radiation, ozone, alkali rains and high or low temperatures and recent studies show that EPDM rubber has a life expectancy up to more than 50 years, even when exposed to sunlight.

Compare that to a traditional Felt Flat Roof which would have been re-covered many times and requires constant maintenance such as Solar paint and chippings to remain water tight.
All our EPDM Rubber Covered Flat Roofs are covered by a manufacturers Guarantee of 20 years and are expected to last for 50.

Reasons to choose EPDM from Aberdeenshire Roofline for your flat roof repair project:

  • Long Term Solution – 50 years Plus life expectancy
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Black Colour
  • Does not support the growth of moss
  • Seamless sheets in 1 piece
  • Flame-free and easy installation
  • High flexibility and elongation
  • Environmentally friendly and Sustainable
  • Allows Recovery of rainwater
  • Fire resistance

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